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In September 2017, our owner, sat in his local cafe where he ate on a regular basis. One Saturday morning, he noticed a collection of lovely portraits along the walls of the cafe. He was curious, so he asked the cafe owner's wife who had made these portraits for her. She said it was her brother, but she also said that in his 30 years of making art, not much had happened. 

The talent of the art spoke for itself, and he knew right away that he was going to start a company to represent spectacular art talents like her brother (Ivan Dushev) and artists all over the world, as well as to bring art back to a specific Fashion.

Pic2perfect Art is the premier source for original hand-painted artwork. We transform your most cherished photographs into original hand-painted portraits. We can restore distorted images so that you can compile, customise, and frame your portraits all in one place. We provide a personalised service unlike any other because we are empathetic while also being professional and capable of carrying out your concept.  Although other companies provide similar services online and through social media, no one does it as well as Pic2perfectArt. 

We've worked with A-list celebrities like Leigh-Anne Pinnock (Little Mix), Joivan Wade, Chunkz, Krept, Niko (Beta Squad), Camron, Anthony Joshua, Headie One, and Stefflon Don, but the list goes on and on. 

Our artists have over 30 years of experience and are among the best in the world. Our materials are of the highest quality, and the attention to detail and precision in our work speaks for itself. Our motto is "you provide the image, we provide the finish," and as a result, we have 100% worldwide customer satisfaction and a high percentage of repeat customers and referrals.

Pic 2 Perfect - Background.jpg


Ivan Dushev

In 1994 our gifted artist Ivan Dushev graduated from the academy of arts in Bulgaria and has really taken his art portrait work to new heights over the years. He has built a catalogue of amazing work that are tailored and exceptionally detailed. His passion for the craft allows him to really examine and execute all aspects from the photographs that you send into us whilst his dedication allows him to create masterpieces with your special photographs in a timely manner. He has an assortment of skills that includes normal pencil portrait, pencil portrait to colour and classic oil painting to ensure he can meet all your requirements and appease you. 


Junia Christami

Junia was born in Indonesia and is an outstanding, self-taught pencil artist that specialises in monochrome portraits. She is a growing talent that focuses on the intricate details that allows her to bring your portraits to life. Junia has already composed pieces including Alex Ferguson, Stan Lee, Lori Harvey, and the late Chadwick Boseman and is working on a beautiful landscape collection that will showcase her evolving ability.

Junia Christami.png

Petrov Mostov

Petrov is a professional artist who graduated in the fine arts academy of North Lithuania and has been painting portraits for 27 years. He is a passionate individual that recognised his love for portraits whilst taking photographs of miscellaneous things and people as a hobby over the years. He then turned his passion into reality as he began to use his photographs as inspiration to begin drawing family portraits and an assortment of portraits that have amassed to an adept collection of both coloured pastel and oil-based work. 

Petrov Mostov

Emilo Enchev

Emilo was born in Spain and is a self-taught portrait artist. He has always had an eye for art, especially the work of Picasso and from a young age and from the age of 12 he began attending art festivals and seminars in Spain to learn more and to gain the confidence to begin drawing his own pieces. Whilst Emilo is new to the Pic2perfect family, he is looking forward to creating the impossible for you guys as his work will leave you speechless.

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