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  • Is the artwork signed?
    All artworks are signed by the artist, with the year it was commissioned
  • What are the differences between compilation and customisation?
    Compilation allows you to combine multiple photos into one, whereas customisation allows you to customise your portrait to your liking.
  • Does the art come with an authenticity certificate?
    No, we do not provide an authenticity certificate
  • I would not like my portrait to be posted on your social
    As a growing company, we use commissioned portraits for promotional purposes. If you wish not to be included in these promotions, please send us an email to opt-out at
  • If I agree to post where would my portrait go?
    We would use this for promotional purposes only and on our website or socials media channels
  • I have seen a portrait of my loved one on your socials, but I did not purchase the portrait, but I would like the portrait to be taken down
    Firstly, we would like to offer our sincerest apologies if you were not notified about the portrait being on our socials. If we have been given permission from the purchasing client, then it’s within our right to keep the portrait up. We would like to offer our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience caused
  • Where can I find your terms and conditions?
    Please click here to see our terms and conditions.
  • Is my private information protected?
    Yes, your private information is protected, if you want to check how your private information is stored, please send us an email request
  • Do you provide MOCK-up service?
    Unfortunately, we do not offer this service; however, please provide us with an exact write-up of what you would like to provide as a reference
  • Do you offer a collection service?
    We do not offer any collection service due to our portraits coming from neighbouring European countries, nor do we offer a collection of framed goods
  • Where is your office based?
    Our admin team and our framing company are both based in the UK
  • Can I pick my own artist?
    You can put in a request for your preferred artist, but all our artists are talented
  • Can I add a personal message to the portrait?
    Yes, you can please just send us the exact quote you would like use. There is an additional fee for this service
  • What happens if, I do not like the picture I used after viewing my preview?
    Before making an order please select the best pictures of your loved ones with the best quality as possible as this will allow our artist to get the best result for your portrait. If you are unsure of your photo choices, please inform us before processing the order, so we can provide you with advice. If you are unhappy with the photo chosen after viewing your preview of the portraits and wish to start again with a new photo, you will have to make a new order and your deposit will not be refunded, which you will incur the full cost. Please this should not be confused for adjustments. With adjustments the image provide cannot be changed.
  • Would I be able to amend my order after the order has been placed?
    Yes/no but please do this at your earliest convenience, once the artist has started the portrait you will not be able to amend the current picture you’ve chosen. You will therefore only be able to make 3 reasonable adjustments as you see fit (please provide detailed adjustment notes and reference pictures)
  • How long do adjustments take?
    It depends on the capacity of work we have, but we try and make adjustments within 48 hours of your preview
  • What happens if I feel like the artist did not capture the pictures properly into a portrait?
    We would always try our best to make 3 reasonable adjustments, to the guidelines you provide us, please remember our artist may not know your loved ones, and please bear in mind this is a painting and not a photo so do not expect your painting to be identical to your photo and artist interpretation is to be expected. You can provide reference photos and detailed notes so we can make the adjustments.
  • Am I able to cancel my order?
    With the consumer protection act 2015, you have the right to cancel your order. If you would like to cancel an order, you must first inform us by sending an email to once this has been noted, you will then receive an email confirming your cancellation. Please ensure this is done within 48 hours of your purchase you will then be refunded the full amount paid including shipping charges. In any circumstances that your order has been commenced before 48 hours’ notice, we will not be able to cancel your order and you will incur all costs.
  • Where is my confirmation order?
    You will receive an email or message through our social media channels confirming your order. If you still have not received the confirmation, please get in contact with us at
  • Is the deposit refundable?
    Due to the nature of the work, deposits are non-refundable.
  • What can I do if I can’t find a picture with good enough quality?
    We do provide retouch services and restoring services also known as perfect touch, which would allow us to restore and retouch your favourite images to a better quality.
  • Do you offer frames?
    Yes, we do. For normal service without framing, it takes 14 WORKING DAYS for a preview to be ready, and it takes about 48 hours to make any necessary adjustments. Framing services take 21 WORKING DAYS to frame your portrait and provide a preview, plus an additional 3 WORKING DAYS for delivery in the UK and Ireland. Shipping times for the rest of the world vary.
  • I do not own the rights to the picture I want to be recreated
    Please make sure that you hold the copyright on any photographs that you wish to use even as reference material. If you do not own photographs, you must have permission from the copyright holder for the photograph/s to be used as the basis for a portrait commission. Failure to ensure that the copyright laws are kept may result in civil or criminal penalties. If you would like to recreate a photo that was not taken by yourself, please contact the photographer to ensure you have the correct permissions before ordering from us.
  • When do you take your last orders for Christmas?
    Usually two weeks before Christmas, but this time frame can change based on demand, so please contact us directly. If the final payment is made on time, the last orders are sent out by 10 a.m. on December 20 and should arrive by December 24.
  • Do you guys take New Year's orders?
    During the festive season, our team is on a break between the 25th of December until the 3rd week of January, we will still be taking orders, but painting will commence once we are back.
  • Do you provide pay later services?
    Yes, we offer pay later services.
  • Do you offer express service?
    YES, we do there is an express service which cost £15, however, with that being said, there is no guarantee of getting it as you’d have to request it first and see the possibility of fitting you in if it is outside of our required timeframe
  • When would I know my portrait is ready?
    It takes 14 WORKING DAYS for your portraits to be ready, and 21 WORKING DAYS for framed portraits. We will notify YOU once the portrait is ready.
  • How can I track my order?
    We will send you all your tracking details and link once your order has been dispatched.
  • How long will it take to receive my painting?
    For normal service without framing, it takes 14 WORKING DAYS for a preview to be ready, and it takes about 48 hours to make any necessary changes. It will take 21 business days for the framed service to be ready. For the U.K. and Ireland, delivery takes 3 working days longer. For the rest of the world, delivery times vary.
  • How will my portraits be packaged?
    Non-framed portraits are packaged in a cylinder cone with protective paper to prevent smudging. If the portrait is framed, it will be boxed up with bubble wrap and yellow fragile tape.
  • Why is the delivery fee so high?
    At the moment, we use DHL and UPS, which are both good courier services. Their prices change from time to time, so since the portraits come from abroad, we have to take that into account with our delivery fee.
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