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At Pic2Perfect Art, we believe that every photograph tells a story. That's why we offer a seamless journey from your initial order to delivery, ensuring that your memories are transformed into original hand-painted portraits with the utmost care and attention to detail. Whether it's a cherished family portrait or a special moment captured in time, our skilled artists can transform your photographs into beautiful, personalised works of art.

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Charcoal Portraits

We offer charcoal portraits, which is our most popular medium amongst our customers. Charcoal is a form of dry art medium made of finely ground organic materials that are held together by gum or wax. Our charcoal product comes only in black and white. Charcoal can easily be erased and smudged, we spray it with a fixative spray to prevent smudging, but customers still need to be careful and gentle with the artwork.

Materials & Framing: Painted on Fabriano paper, which requires a frame & protective glass.

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Pastel Portraits

We offer pastel portraits in colour. Pastel is a very dry medium, so it can appear slightly flatter than other mediums however it has its own undeniable charm as it has a glow with an intensely luminous colour and rich velvety texture that cannot be achieved with other mediums. Pastel is another one of our most popular medium and can be easily blended on paper by smudging with a finger or soft cloth.

Materials & Framing: Painted on Fabriano paper, which requires a frame & protective glass.

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Customisation Services

Our Customisation services allows you to customise your portraits that can feature yourself, your family, friends or even your pets. The clothing, background etc can be altered to fit your vision. These are completely bespoke pieces of art where ‘you provide the image, and we will provide the finish’

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Compilation Services

You don't have a picture with your loved one? Perhaps, you would like a picture with someone who has passed way or living abroad? Our compilation service allows you to combine different photos into one painting of your loved ones as a unique, personalised keepsake. 


Whilst this is different to our customisation service, it is a very popular service as we can combine 9 people in a single portrait.

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Perfect Touch 

This retouch service allows us to retouch your favourite images for better quality. Which then allows the artist to capture the image in drawing. Please bear in mind this service may not always be available, due to the nature of the pictures and quality. Sometimes prices may differ, regarding stamps, and restorations. 

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