Although we aim to have your painting done within 14 working days and depending on the delivery services we will try our best to have it done in that time frame. However we cannot be held accountable for any delays whereas you’ve not left enough time to have your painting. It is your responsibility to ensure you make an order in timely manner specially if it’s a gift for a loved one.


Terms and conditions 

Once the painting is delivered please check the packaging right away and DO NOT frame it, if there’s any problem notify us right away so we can solve the matter accordingly.

If the painting is framed we cannot be held liable.

If there’s no feedback after 2 days of you receiving for portrait then we will not be liable for any issues that arises.



Unfortunately we do not provide frames at this moment, but we have few companies for referrals, DM us for more information.


Pictures and quality 

Please ensure that the pictures are of a good quality standard or we could not be able to accept.


Orders and payments

You can make an order through Instagram or our website Pic2PerfectArt.com  Or through our email admin@pic2perfectart.com


We accept bank transfers and PayPal. For more information please contact us on all our platforms.


Time-frame and delivery 

Normally when you’ve decided on what kind of portrait you would like and from the day you’ve paid for your deposit .. it takes up to 14 working days for your portrait to be ready and depending on what delivery process you choose, which can be the NEXT day or 7, 7-10 days delivery service which includes an extra fee. But it can also be quicker depending on our waiting list.