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Synergy Unlocked

At Pic 2 Perfect Art, we host an annual Art exhibition where various artists showcase their work and artistry to members of the public. This year the theme is ‘Photography meets Art’ and we have called the tickets event SYNERGY UNLOCKED.


We have a panel of 6 photographers and 6 artists who have been paired together. The purpose is for the photographer to provide images they have captured using their techniques and skills whilst the artist endeavors to use these captured images as a point of reference to create something inspired and reflective of the subject matter, photographer's skill set and the artists’ flair and interpretation. Often in many galleries photography and art are always separate, hence us wanting to merge both and showcase something new and innovative for our followers and the general public.

Featured Artists/Photographers: @pic2perfectart, @warrendenahyphotography, @khizzaart, @nickbrownartwork, @kondwas_art, @timirsphotography, @shivaniphotography, @sibz2597,, @photographermarkjames,, @parryphoto

Artistry Unlocked

Brought to you by Pic2Perfect Art in association with The Paragon App and Travel M Couriers. A unique exhibition celebrating talented Artists from all over the UK in the heart of London.


A variation of wild and wonderful bespoke paintings will be on display to view, with select paintings available to purchase directly from the Artists. An opportunity to get to know the eye behind the canvas, connect with the Artists and explore their inspirations.

Featured Artists: @pic2perfectart,, @khizzaart, @annettetheartist, @nickbrownartwork, @missclk_, @artbyell_, @nineoarts, @npariss

First Exhibition

Collection D’Art was our 1st ever exhibition in small intimate location in Hackney. The exhibition was curated by our CEO Robert showcasing 6 talented artist and their pieces.

Featured Artists: @Sugaredsoul, @ninearts, @baserbillion_art, @cidolem, @tonderai_arts, @Npariss