Oil paintings

Colour Potraits

This service would be based on the actual picture the colour would be pastel but you have the option of changing the colour of your clothes.

Black and White

This service allows us to draw your portrait using our charcoal based materials.

Black And White Potraits
custom drawing

Custom made portraits

This service allows us to merge separate photos into one portrait.

Oil paintings

This service allows us to create a painting on canvas with our much finer oils (prices on request as it differs from our other services).

charcoal based materials


In September 2017 our founder, who had always been fond of art, sat in his local cafe were he ate regularly.


On one Saturday morning he noticed a collection of beautiful portraits along the cafes walls. Being intrigued, he asked the lady who owned the cafe who had created these portraits for her to which she answered her brother, but emphasized how much things had not been happening for him in his 30 years of doing art.


The talent of the art spoke for itself, from that very moment the idea to create a company that represented spectacular art talents like her brother (Ivan dushev) and artists all over the world and to bring art back in a particular fashion, was born.


Here at Pic2perfect we are committed to making sure we meticulously examine your photograph and turn it into a portrait. “You provide the image and we provide the finish”.


custom drawing
family portrait drawing


drawing of pets
Art drawings